scandalrecords – “underdosen”

Scandalrecords VÖ4 UNDERDOSEN : Dosenfutter & Dosenschall Knock knock! Who`s there?- Ah, it`s you!-Come in! Step deep inside!We defy the „try to tame you“!Our reply is 3-ply: produced by Danny D. and Dinsher & Husler!
Once again we pick up the sound-scent and release Underdosen!We set our emotional lives of the last fucking month to music.Rather, behind the Sandalrecords scenes – amazing things going on: Ja! Ja! Come closer! The likes of us stubbornly continue to dream.
And so: we find our identity in music! Underdosen processed technical know-how and a crispy energy with dynamics from lustily laughing excitement till a darkly staining pout!Dosenfutter is full of realness: it is the reflector of our gained inner battle and the rediscovery of the “big-thing-with-the-red-bow“.
The track grips well! The special depth and warmth build a singular contrast.
Authenticity touches you! Not pushy! But tremendously! Dosenschall is created by the principle of pleasure.Exactly! It purrs! It hums! It numbs the shades inside you! Enthusiastic sound sculptures: spread in your body and your mind and bubbling to the final scene.
Oh yes! We are the ones who produced underdosen!

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